Alkaline My Body


August 7, 2013
Today, I bought my pH paper to check my body’s acidy. It will not be here until around the 12th but at least I ordered it. I look forward to feeling better, looking better, and having more energy.

August 27, 2013
Yesterday I got my pH strips. I used them this morning.

8/27/13 – pH 5.5 Yikes! That is horrible.
8/28/13 – pH 6.3

Emotionally Involved

So, today I realize that I am too emotionally involved with my friends to be emotionally involved with my husband in God’s way. That needs to change. So, today when he is home my focus will be on him and our children only. When he is working then I can socialize and such. It is time to be successful in every way. My home is a great place to start my journey.

The Hard Way

We can learn from others many times. Sometimes though we choose to learn things the hard way. I have had a problem with my mouth for a long time. I have gotten in more trouble for saying something wrong than for doing something wrong. I am an angry person and I need to change. I have tried many things, but I have failed in my attempts every time.

My newest challenge came straight from Ecclesiastes 5:2. I am going to try to use very few words. In the meantime I am going to try to reprogram my brain through the Word of God. This is my last and final attempt. If this does not work, than I will be changing my choice of friends, entertainment, and hobby.


hug yourself
One of the sadest things on this planet is an empty hand. Everybody should have somebody to hold and love. So, if your hands are empty today, then go hug somebody. You can hug them with flowers, a pillow, a card, or your own hands. Reach out and touch someone.

The Right Goal

woman dream
The most beautiful person is someone who knows why they are here on earth. The most beautiful person has a purpose for living and lives each day with purpose and hope.

My whole life I have been living in someone else’s dream. I can do that no longer! I now have my own goal. I am going to live each day with that goal in mind and never turn back from that goal. My goal in life has nothing to do with just one person but many many people. No matter who dies or no matter who lives I still have the same goal. If my goal is dependent on one human being or one animal than if they die, I die too. No, my goal must be my lifetime goal. I must live each day with that goal in mind and affect as many people as I can in a good way as I live my life. That is the only way I will ever be happy.